Marine Industries Association of Florida – Recreational Boating Advocates

The Marine Industries Association of Florida promotes and protects the interests of marine businesses and boaters across
the State of Florida. Boaters have a voice in Washington, DC via various national organizations. But they aren't focused
on Florida where MIAF is your voice for the local boater.

Some of our recent accomplishments:

Seagrass violations. While we understand the importance of protecting seagrass, we worked to have proper penalties applied and reduced the charge from misdemeanor to a more reasonable infraction.

Property taxes for marine-related businesses.
We helped pass Amendment 6 which reduced the skyrocketing property taxes that were forcing marinas, boatyards and waterside restaurants to close their doors.

Education and Safety. MIAF works year-round helping craft regulatory decisions that help boaters enjoy the water without imposing unnecessary licensing, educational and safety bureaucracy on Florida boaters.

Networking and Information Sharing. The organization gives you the opportunity to meet with and share valuable information with other marine-related businesses and individuals about what's happening in the Florida Panhandle that can have a direct impact on you.


JOIN NOW! Whether you are a business or an individual, we welcome you and are united in the quest for access to our waterways and the boating lifestyle that we cherish.